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How does eego™ work?

eegoTM is a one-of-a-kind mini-operating system that is preloaded on a flash drive. Simply plug your flash drive into any USB port, and eegoTM launches using an universally known interface screen featuring widget technology allowing users instant access to all their favorite online applications. Back to top

Where is eego™ available?

You can either purchase a preloaded flash drive featuring eegoTM in stores, get it as a promotional gift , or you can download a copy for free, and load it onto a pre-purchased flash drive at www.myeego.com. Back to top

Does eego™ work on both a PC and Mac?

eegoTM is a multi-platform application that is compatible with the PC, and soon the Mac operating systems. It's ideal for those individuals who use multiple, shared, web-connected computers-especially those who don't want to hassle with opening numerous web browsers simply to access pertinent information. Back to top

Who founded eego™?

eegoTM was created by StickyDriveTM LLC, an established software company that has been successfully creating software for flash drives for more than four years. It’s now owned by eego Ltd Hong Kong. The technology foundation already has been proven in the corporate market, and is used daily by companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Roche, Merck, Amgen, Intuit, Federal Express and others. Back to top

How much does eego™ cost?

eego's operating platform and some apps are available to consumers for FREE. Many additional eegoTM widget applications will be available for free or a small fee from the eegoTM app store. Back to top

How do I acquire additional applications?

eegoTM comes pre-loaded with several applications, including Internet radio, games, mobile bookmarks, and file conversion capabilities. You can download additional applications from eegoTM 's app store. Back to top

Will eego™ work on any flash drive?

Yes, eegoTM will work on any USB 2.0 standard flash drive. The software takes only approximately 65 MB amount of drive space, allowing users ample room to shuttle existing documents, images, songs and video files. Back to top

I want to sort my eego™ widgets, is this possible?

Yes, widgets may be sorted. Simply click and drag your widget to the desired position. It's even possible to move you favorite or most used widgets to the first widget page to create optimal convenience. Back to top

What happens if I lose my eego™?

An additional benefit of eegoTM is its ability to back-up files online and retrieve information in the unfortunate event that your flash drive is lost or stolen. To back up your flash drive, you simply set up a personal, secure file online by following the directions in the backup widget. You can access and download your content at any time. Back to top

I have lost my eego™ password, what should I do?

Click on the "Forgot password?" button, you can send an e-mail to request your eegoTM password. You will receive your password by e-mail within a few minutes. Back to top

I have lost my eego™ username, what should I do?

Typically your eegoTM username is the same as your e-mail address. If you have lost this information you can send an e-mail to info@myeego.com and you will be provided with a new eegoTM log-in details. Back to top

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